Here are some links to our missions that our congregation supports.

  • As a ministry of the Churches of Christ, the mission of Carpenter Place is to equip children and their families with skills for handling personal problems and pressures by promoting emotional, social, physical, and spiritual strength through meeting those personal needs.  Children are placed at Carpenter Place through variouse agencies or private referrals.  The children come to Carpenter Place with an array of problems, ranging from physical and/or sexual abuse to truancy and/or chemical dependancy problems.

    For more information, visit www.carpenterplace.org.

  • This website is an on going project about the writings and books of Roger E. Dickson and will be updated often. Please come back and check out new books and articles that may interest you. Thank you for visiting and God Bless.


    Roger also has a blog that you can keep up with:


  • "Sharing Jesus with the World through Mass Media"

    Through the use of mass media, "Key to the Kingdom" effectively shares the gospel message with people around the world.  Television, the internet and other means of communication allow "KEY" the opportunity to tell the story of Jesus Christ.

    As the program host, Bret McCasland encourages others to know the Lord as their Savior and to receive his free gift of salvation.  This outreach, which began in 1992, is now under the oversight of our congregation.

    Check them out at:

  • "A free health clinic designed to offer spiritual and physical hope for the people of India."

    With the opening of "HOPE" Health services, basic medical care is now offered.  The services provided include such things as treatments for eye infections, allergies, fevers, along with the distribution of various vaccinations.

    You can check out some pictures of the clinic at:

  • Know Your Bible is a pre-recorded television program. Questions are collected each week and recorded before air-time. If you have never seen the Know Your Bible program it is a question and answer program that takes the viewers' questions and answers them directly from the Bible.

    Check out their website at:  www.knowyourbible.com

  • Each week men from Eastwood visit the prison in Hutchinson, Kansas and hold Bible classes for the inmates.  They have one-on-one and group classes.  On Sundays there is a Worship and Prayer service.  These volunteers also perform baptisms at the prison.  The goal is to bring the Word of God to these men in their time of need and to bring spirituality to their lives.