our servants

Listed below are our ministers, elders, and secretary that serve our congregation.

  • Coming back home!

    Wayne DeWindt will become our new pulpit minister and join the Eastwood Family starting in January, 2018.

  • Matt Carden, Youth and Family

    Matt, and his wife Hillary, daughter Ella, and baby boy Augustine.  They moved to Hutchinson in January, 2017 to become our new Youth and Family minister.  Matt & Hillary have been very involved in Silver Maple Camp for the past 9 years.  He brings a desire and the ability to connect with our teens while helping grow the group and outreach to others.  Matt isn't afraid to cover difficult topics and spend time building relationships with each youth member.

  • Michelle Schmucker, Secretary

    Michelle and her husband Ken were married in 1986 and have two children. They have been members at Eastwood since 1989. Michelle has enjoyed being the secretary here since 1995 and describes her job as “helping 300 people with whatever they need”.

  • Steve Sears, Elder/Minister

    Steve and his wife Patti have been married since 1973 and have three children. They have lived in Hutchinson and been members at Eastwood for a total of 19 years. Steve was a Deacon in Salina and Hutchinson as well as an Elder in Lyons before becoming an Elder here at Eastwood, where he has served in that capacity since 2008.

  • Bob Buggeln, Elder

    Bob and his wife Colleen were married in 1969 and have three children. He grew up in Hutchinson, moved in 1972 and returned in 1990. He has been a member of Eastwood since that time. Bob became the Deacon of Missions in 1992 and held that position until 1994, when he became an Elder. 

  • David Gustafson, Elder

    David and his wife Kim were married in 1978 and have two children. David has lived in Hutchinson all of his life and has been attending Eastwood since 1978. He was a Deacon of Missions for 5 years and has been an Elder here since June, 2011. 

  • T. H. Kwa, Elder

    Kwa and his wife Gladys were married in 1980 and have two children.  He has lived in Hutchinson since 2006 and has been a member at Eastwood since that time.  He has been an Elder here since June, 2011.

  • Galen Rawlins, Elder

    Galen and his wife Lora Le were married in 1979 and have three children. They have lived in Hutchinson since 1985 and have been attending Eastwood for that length of time. Galen was a Deacon of Education for a number of years before becoming an Elder. He has been an Elder here at Eastwood since 2005.