the gospel

The Eastwood Church of Christ is a Growing, Dynamic, Non-Demoninational Group of Believers who belong to Jesus Christ.  Our Church Family is composed of singles, single again, college students, young professionals, both young, middle-aged, and older families.  We meet in one another's homes at least once a month so that relationships with one another can be better fostered.  Our Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes are designed to help us in our walk with the Lord.  Activities both large and small take place on a weekly or monthly basis so families can be encouraged.  Signing for the deaf is offered each Sunday.  Counseling for all needs is offered through a Marriage and Family therapist every Tuesday night at no cost for individuals at Eastwood and the community.

The Bible is truly Cherished, Read, and Followed as God's Word.  We also believe in the importance of training and equipping our children and teens with Tools for Eternity.  Classes and activities are planned throughout the year through our Youth and Family minister and other adults.  We are a congregation that also cares about our community.  A pantry is used along with budgeted funds to help people who are hurting.  Sermons are prepared weekly through Prayer and Study to both challenge and to encourage people to be what God has called us to be and to make an eternal difference in the lives of those people who are around us.