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John W. Smith's Background

John has been a preacher and teacher for 56 years. He has taught public school at the junior and senior high levels, has taught at the college and university levels for 12 years. He has taught English, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Drama. John received his B.A. in English from the University of Michigan; his M.A. in Education Administration from Northern Arizonia University; completed all work for an M.A. in English at Wichita State University; and received his M.S. in Bible at Lubbock Christian University.

He has directed the school choir and coached tennis, football, baseball, and basketball. John has also worked as a paper boy, stocked shelves in a grocery store, been a mail carrier, auto mechanic, carpenter, welder, communications coordinator, owned and operated a truck washing business, a firewood business, been a tennis and golf instructor, and worked with the CETA program. He is an avid sportsman. He jogs, hikes, and plays tennis regularly. He hunts and fishes as he has the opportunity.

John was married 40 years to Judith Parsons; she was deceased in 2003. He has two sons, one daughter, and seven grandchildren.

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